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Fantasticnovel Fey Evolution Merchant novel – Chapter 199 – Smooth–Toothed Elephant Lizard And Huge town aromatic read-p2
Fey Evolution Merchant

NovelFey Evolution MerchantFey Evolution Merchant
Chapter 199 – Smooth–Toothed Elephant Lizard And Huge celery wheel
[Fey Good quality]: Flawless
[Stinky Swamp]: Produces a stinky swamp in just a smaller area surrounding themselves. When a objective methods about it, he will be dragged much deeper within the swamp by the sinking power.
[Fey Style]: H2o/Globe
Why Is Biochemistry So Desperately: “That’s nothing at all! I’ve already peed my trousers! I didn’t even switch and was in a position to check out this duel very first.”
Chen Hongfeng had been this sort of affable unwanted fat nerd. In four a few months, Lengthy Tao obtained skilled him towards a lean nerd.
Darkish Moon Dropping Wind flow: “Ahhh! It’s Lord Dark! I wish to understand how formidable he or she is!”
Fang Duoduo silently lit a bright white candle for Chen Hongfeng as part of his cardiovascular.
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[Fey Species]: Toothed Lizard/Watch Lizard
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[Fey Class]: Golden (6/10)
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Lin Yuan’s pupils contracted after seeing that. The two of these feys were lizards. One of them experienced violet-and-black colored skin area, with pearly whites baring outward. Each of its tooth enamel was over four ins. Its human body was as strong as being a enormous elephant, with heavy and strong limbs. This became a humongous horrible-searching lizard with the eight-gauge physique and four-gauge size. Its body appeared to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power plus a broken of energy.
Outstanding Talent:
Lin Yuan’s students contracted when seeing that. Those two feys ended up lizards. Among them obtained violet-and-dark colored pores and skin, with tooth baring outward. Every one of its pearly whites was over four inches. Its human body was as powerful like a large elephant, with dense and robust arms and legs. This has been a humongous hideous-looking lizard through an eight-meter physique and four-gauge size. Its human body appeared to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power and a burst of potential.
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Chen Hongfeng was the Dragon Gate Guild Group S Tournament reserve crew user. Because the Radiance Hundred Sequence #3, Very long Tao was the Dragon Door Guild Team S Competition Team’s captain. Very long Tao imagined highly of Chen Hongfeng, who had been currently within the set aside crew and intended to concentrate on his education.
Fang Duoduo interrupted, “You’ve experienced Chen Hongfeng for up to 6 months. Certainly, you’re experienced with him.”
When Fang Duoduo said this, he emphasized the text ‘healing-type heart qi professional’. It turned out almost like he was reminding Prolonged Tao which he acquired instructed him concerning this before.
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Distinctive Expertise:
Even so, in Fang Duoduo’s view, anyone who Long Tao imagined highly of and needed to coach was simply unlucky.
Wouldn’t it are already fantastic when i acquired gone to teach with my teammates on the instruction space?
[Fey Brand]: Clean-Toothed Elephant Lizard
Chen Hongfeng was the Dragon Door Guild Team S Competition set aside organization fellow member. Because the Radiance Hundred Series #3, Prolonged Tao was the Dragon Door Guild Membership S Competition Team’s captain. Longer Tao believed highly of Chen Hongfeng, who was currently within the hold organization and intended to pay attention to his instruction.
The Reason Why Biochemistry So Desperately: “That’s absolutely nothing! I’ve already peed my jeans! I didn’t even transfer and was prepared to watch this duel initial.”
Long Tao considered Black, who has been standing up opposite Chen Hongfeng, and experienced until this sterling silver-masked person’s atmosphere designed him feel as though he possessed a deep impression of him. It had been just as if he acquired observed him somewhere right before.
[Fey Label]: Significant-Tailed Swamp Lizard
[Fey Brand]: Steady-Toothed Elephant Lizard
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Inspite of saying so, he was already noticing a minute of silence for Chen Hongfeng.
After experiencing those two feys’ records, Lin Yuan recognized that he was about to take care of an demanding combat. These were very outstanding regarding skills and distinctive skills.
Other fey was obviously a weird-seeking lizard over just one meter. Its whole body was covered with dim-environmentally friendly-and-brown lines. It experienced a massive tail on its back similar to a s.h.i.+eld protecting the top from the human body. This lizard’s entire body was only how big a watermelon, but its tail was over 10 times larger than its body system.
Longer Tao viewed Fang Duoduo almost like he was checking out an idiot. Then, he ignored Fang Duoduo and viewed Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming place.
Then, Long Tao suddenly requested, “Didn’t I just let Hongfeng sharpen his eliminate skills not too long ago? How could he know Dark?”
[Fey Form]: Water
The Soul of a People
[Heartbreaking Claws]: Rapidly swing claws. Whilst it tears the goal, the claws’ mucus will go through the prospective, triggering blood flow retention.
Right then, Long Tao exclaimed, “How are available he appears to be so familiarized?”
Certain sufficient, Extended Tao claimed, “He’s not significant in his exercising. Immediately after he logs off Star Online, convey to him to exercise with another 100 duels.”
Unique Ability:
Fang Duoduo silently lit up a bright candle for Chen Hongfeng in his center.
Then, Longer Tao suddenly inquired, “Didn’t I enable Hongfeng hone his eliminate capabilities lately? How could he know Dark?”
Even so, Prolonged Tao failed to get Fang Duoduo’s interpretation and stated with significant attraction, “A curing-form soul qi professional can ascend the tower that has a completely succeeding fee? That’s fascinating!”
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Lin Yuan’s students contracted upon considering that. Both of these feys were actually lizards. One of those had blue colored-and-black complexion, with pearly whites baring outward. Every one of its tooth enamel was over four in .. Its system was as sturdy to be a enormous elephant, with solid and powerful limbs. This is a humongous ugly-hunting lizard with the eight-meter entire body and four-meter length. Its body appeared to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy and also a burst of ability.
[Influx Moving Strike]: Trigger water-aspect vitality within the body to smash with whole durability.
[Corrosive Soil Downpour]: Stations planet earth-part and normal water-part in your system to produce a downpour produced by Stinky Dirt.
[Fey Species]: Tailed Lizard/Scaled Lizard
Following Chen Hongfeng experienced said that to his stay-streaming home, he completely ignored the belief that he was are living streaming. Instead, he on target all his strength on the duel at the present time. Having said that, his live-streaming place was in an uproar.

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